FCIAC, the Fairfield County Interscholastic Conference, was established in 1961 and is made up of high schools throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut. FCIAC hosts more than 100 combined championship/ tournament games for all sports throughout the academic year. An active member of the Fairfield County community, FCIAC sponsors clinics, awards and development programs.

Interesting Facts and Figures

FCIAC high schools: 19, 17 public, 2 private

Student population: 31,000

More than 20% of the student population are FCIAC student-athletes

Annual championship and tournament games: Over 100

Annual estimate of total fan support: 62,000

Achieving victory on the field: Since 1961, FCIAC schools have won more state championships than schools in any other Connecticut conference.

Promoting Success

Beyond athletics, participation in FCIAC sports helps teach our children ethics and values, the benefits of working toward goals, the importance of teamwork — all lessons that will be invaluable to them throughout their lives.

Steve Young, Kristine Lilly…

From Hall of Famers to Olympic gold medalists, FCIAC schools have produced some of America’s finest athletes.

They’ve also produced some of the most successful people in business and in life, including ESPN CEO George Bodenhiemer. The list goes on and on but the message remains the same:

Supporting the FCIAC is good for the community and good for your business.