FCIAC hosts first Student Fan Group Leader conference

On Thursday, Oct. 4, the FCIAC hosted its first Student Fan Group Leader conference.

Videos on Leadership and Social Media, prepared by Garland Allen as part of the NYU program on civility in sports, were shown and discussed.

Dane Street from Ridgefield did an interactive presentation on the effects of social media and Kevin Butler from St. Joseph explained the “Class Act Schools” initiative to encourage improved sportsmanship at all member schools attending.

Each school shared ideas with the others ranging from social media as a messaging source to two schools which this year started a school hosted fan club with an advisor.

The message of “One person practicing good sportsmanship is more powerful and lasting then fifty others preaching about it. It can start with you!” was the theme and the feedback from those attending was positive. Lunch followed the program for the 53 students and school administrators in attendance.

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