Vin Iovino, former New Canaan AD, remembers Don Usher

I had the privilege of working with Don Usher for 20 years. His recent passing brings to mind what Coach meant to the Town of New Canaan.

The best compliment I can give Don is that if I had a son, I would want him to play for Coach Usher. Coach Usher taught many things to his players, some of which were discipline, work ethic, accountability and loyalty.

As I watched Coach Usher work with his team while we worked together, the one thing that stands out the most is his ability to get his teams to perform above their talent level. He always got the most out of each athlete. Anyone that had the good fortune to play for Coach Usher had a step up in life. The Town of New Canaan was lucky to have Don Usher as their basketball coach.

I will miss you, Coach, but as you once said to me after the passing of a close friend, “make his passing meaningful by making his qualities part of your life.”

I will do that.

Love you Coach,

Vin Iovino,

Retired New Canaan High School Athletic Director.

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