InCourage Playbook: Parent-Coach Relationships Don’t Have To Be Nightmarish. We Promise.

Many parent/coach interactions fall under the label of “handling” or “dealing with” each other. And those word choices say a lot: These aren’t the words you use when you’re talking about something you’re excited to do. It’s a chore, it’s an annoyance, and the person you’re interacting with is a nuisance at best and the bane of your existence at worst. Luckily, the parent/coach relationship doesn’t have to be this way. It can be a productive, even positive, partnership if both sides are willing to consider their attitudes and behaviors toward each other.

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The FCIAC is partnering with InCourage to build a more positive and respectful sports culture within our league.

InCourage is providing free evidence-based videos and resources to help our athletes, coaches, educators, parents, and athletic directors apply positive skills which reinforce respectful discourse, positive behaviors and responsible decision making.

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