inCourage: You Can Do It – Spot and Stop Bullying and Hazing

Whether you’re a coach or a parent, you should be prepared to recognize and respond to one of the most common forms of negative behavior associated with sports teams: bullying. Bullying is an issue in every part of our kids’ lives — from the locker rooms to home rooms to social media. And statistics show that more … Read more

InCourage Playbook: Parent-Coach Relationships Don’t Have To Be Nightmarish. We Promise.

Many parent/coach interactions fall under the label of “handling” or “dealing with” each other. And those word choices say a lot: These aren’t the words you use when you’re talking about something you’re excited to do. It’s a chore, it’s an annoyance, and the person you’re interacting with is a nuisance at best and the … Read more

FCIAC hosts annual Leadership Conference for student/athletes

The FCIAC held its annual Leadership Conference for student/athletes on leadership at Staples High School on Thursday, Aug. 22. The conference, sponsored by the Fairfield County Sports Commission, was attended by 80 students representing all 17 member schools. Stafford Thomas, the new principal at Staples HS, spoke on leadership to open the morning session, and … Read more