FCIAC adopts new football scheduling framework

The FCIAC has adopted a new scheduling framework for football. This framework will ensure that FCIAC football schedule each season will be as fair as possible for each member school.

The formula adjusts each teams schedule from year to year based on a 5-year competitive history.  Teams are placed in divisions by alternating winning percentage with the placement of the team’s Thanksgiving rival.

In addition to the new scheduling framework, the FCIAC is also excited to partner with other leagues in the state thru the football scheduling alliance.  As part of this new scheduling framework the FCIAC is planning to schedule two competitively balanced games against other leagues in Connecticut for all FCIAC member schools.

The FCIAC has a history of exciting games played against SCC schools.  With our new schedule framework, the FCIAC looks for the alliance to be able to expand that rivalry to also include other conferences throughout the state and create match ups with competitively balanced games which the fans will enjoy.

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