Club CT sponsors “Run A Mile” for FCIAC students to honor Front Line Heroes

Club Connecticut is sponsoring “Run a Mile” to honor and thank our “Front Line Heroes.”

This event, which is open to students from all 17 FCIAC schools, is a series of four weekly 1-mile runs, which begin on Saturday, May 2. Runs can be done anywhere, on your own, to honor our front line heroes in the battle against COVID-19.

“We Run a Mile Alone to Together Say Thank You”

  • Open to All Students at our 17 FCIAC schools
  • Encouraging all FCIAC athletes from all three seasons along with all physical education students who are distant learning
  • Note the following running is strictly to be done as an individual and not as a group unless family members
  • You will first need to register as a runner at: or
  • You can train on your own in preparation for the timed mile runs which take place each Saturday from May 2 to May 23.
  • Your personal goal will be to beat your time each week!
  • As most high school tracks are closed you will need to set up a course on a flat safe area in your town.
  • You will need to accurately map out a one mile distance for the timed run.  Mapmyrun is an app which will help you with your measuring.
  • On Saturday, May 2, you will run the Club Connecticut “Run a Mile” and time yourself.
  • You will then enter your time on the website:
  • Cost: The “Run a Mile” is FREE to enter.
  • There will be an area on the registration form to donate to Fairfield County COVID-19 Resiliency Fund to honor and thank our “Front Line Heroes.”
  • There will also be an area on the registration form for the opportunity to purchase a commemorative short sleeve tee shirt (see image on the registration form) for the cost of $15 which will cover the cost of the shirt, postage to be sent to your home and the balance to be part of the donation listed above.
  • Once again it is important that we follow proper social distancing for this run from the first training run through each the timed run through May 23rd!  This is not to be done together as a team!
  • If for some reason you cannot run on the designated Saturday it will be ok to run on either the Thursday or Friday preceding the timed Saturday run
  • Results will be posted following each Saturday at and recognition on the FCIAC website will be given to the top 10 schools  in each category below:
  • Top schools for number of students from a school who participated
  • Top schools for donations made by their athletes and Physical Education students (includes  percentage of tee shirt donation)

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