Coaches Corner: Laddie Lawrence, Staples

Laddie Lawrence


Boys cross country, boys indoor track and field, and boys outdoor track and field

Years as head coach: Cross country – 49; Indoor track and field – 51; Outdoor track and field – 44

Other sports you have coached or are currently coaching: Girls cross country and girls indoor track and field

Full-time profession: Athletic coach; Retired teacher (43 years)

From the coach:

“As a Staples alum it has been a great pleasure to return there and become part of the athletic history. For me coaching is a year-round activity. While some people think of the four yearly seasons as Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, at our house they are known as Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track and Road Runners. It was through coaching that I met my wife of 45 years, Katie. Together we have three children and six grandchildren.” – Laddie Lawrence

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