FCIAC Boys and Girls Basketball Divisions, Postseason Plan for 2021

FCIAC Divisions for 2021

West: Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Westhill, Stamford, Danbury, Ridgefield and Wilton

East: Staples, Trumbull, Warde, Ludlowe, Norwalk, McMahon, St. Joseph, Central, Harding and Bassick.

Note: If some school districts are not allowed to play, the divisions could be changed.

  • No fans in attendance at all games. Cheerleaders and dance teams will also have the opportunity to be at games. To have two parents attend games like we did in the fall would then well exceed the number allowed in a gym and be very difficult to oversee. Safety of all is the main concern.
  • Most games will be streamed live which will give the opportunity for anyone to see.
  • There will not be locker rooms used and players will arrive wearing their uniform with sweats over it.
  • Visiting teams will bring their own basketballs to warm up.
  • Teams would be allowed to bring one person to film the game.
  • Will allow starting lineups if wanted with no handshaking.
  • Teams will meet in designated areas in the gym for halftime.
  • No post game handshake line.
  • Bench areas will be set up similar to the college basketball format with 6 foot spacing which will be easy to do with bleachers not needed to be pulled out for spectators.
  • We are going to have two regions for basketball. Harding and Bassick will also be participating so if all the schools are allowed to play we will have 8 schools in the West and 10 schools in the East. An actual schedule can not be developed until we find out the status of the Stamford and Norwalk schools.  We are alternating game dates with the SWC due to an increased shortage of officials. I have attached the proposed calendar of dates for regular season play and post season. There are 12 regular season games allowed by the CIAC and then a postseason experience.
  • If teams are paused for COVID reasons the league will have the ability to alter the schedule if feasible to allow teams the opportunity to play games.
  • All regular season games will be played within the region to determine the order of finish for the playoffs. The playoffs will also be within the region to determine a regional champion and then the two regional champions will play a game for the FCIAC championship. All tournament games will be hosted by the higher seed.
  • There are teams which will be starting practices today and others who may not practice as a team for two more weeks. This causes an inequity in preparation time for the season. We are proposing one scrimmage against a team within your region during the week of Feb 1 which the league will schedule for both the boys and girls. We feel it is important to do this to limit contacts and be fair for all schools.
  • Weekday regular season games will be played by varsity teams only with late afternoon starts as requested by the AD’s. JV and Frosh will play on Saturdays and if possible they can also play on Wednesday afternoons at schools which can host them.
  • There will be a first and second team all league team selected for each region with 8 players on each.

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