“Will to Live” and being a “Life Teammate”

Many of our FCIAC athletes are struggling with the isolation aspects of this pandemic and their mental health is a concern for all of us.

The FCIAC is initiating a program which looks for our athletes to learn what it means to be a “Life Teammate.”

A Life Teammate is an athlete who supports his or her fellow athletes beyond the game. A Life Teammate recognizes when a teammate may be struggling and takes action to talk or listen.

The “Life Teammates” recognition we are beginning this year is connected to a program called “Will To Live” a non-profit organization which was started by John Trautwein, whose son Will took his life while in high school.

John’s goal is to encourage our athletes and their families, coaches and friends everywhere to understand that “it is indeed ok to not be ok” and to become more aware of the fact that we all have friends that may be struggling, especially in today’s crazy world.

A Life Teammate works hard to create a culture where their teammates know they are not alone, they are loved (“Love Ya Man!”) and should not be afraid to “talk about it.”

We will be providing bracelets to our FCIAC athletes which say “Life Teammates” and “Love Ya Man!” on them for those who want to show that they will be a Life Teammate for both those on their team or in school.

Please see your athletic director for a “Life Teammate” bracelet.

Spreading awareness of the “Life Teammates Message” is so crucial at this time, so please take the time to listen to John’s message below.

Here is a video of John explaining the program:


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