FCIAC student sports article: Brien McMahon girls soccer holds high expectations

The McMahon girls soccer team is 1-2-1 and is expecting to keep winning as the season goes on.

“We wanted to play, I liked what I saw,” said Head Coach Angelo Tsingerliotis.

With the team’s effort and optimism, McMahon’s girls soccer team starts the season picking up a 2-1 win against Stamford High.

Abby Ortolano, senior captain and holding midfielder, shares the same idea; the team collaborates together positively, which is the main cause for their win against Stamford, both times.

The first Stamford game was canceled before the half due to weather, so the teams had a rematch the next day, resulting in a 2-1 win for the McMahon Girls soccer team.

Although Coach Angelo strays away from predictions, he and the Senators are eager to have a winning season.

This was shown when McMahon girls soccer played Stamford the first time.

To recap the game against Stamford High School: Stamford took a goal kick. Gretchen Klein, center midfield, intercepted and passed to holding midfielder Abby Ortolano. Once Abby had split the defense; giving her the window to score and lead the team off 1-0 at 15:12.

The second goal for McMahon was scored at 22:49 by Lydia Colbath. As the teams crowded at the top of the circle. The sophomore had an impressive one touch goal outside the box.

“The easiest way to play, or score is through holding possession,” said Grace Simpson, senior captain and attacking midfielder.

One thing that makes the senators keep a winning mindset is through how they play.

“The game was overall in our favor, we held possession most of the game…The next game against Stamford [since they needed a rematch] will definitely have the same outcome,” senior Abby Ortolano stated.

The next day, when McMahon had a rematch against Stamford High School, girls soccer ended up taking home the win.

Gretchen Klein was a well recognized player at the Stamford game, assisting both goals in an almost totally new position, as starting center midfield.

Head coach Angelo also took an optimistic note on how the Senators “were in good control of the game.”

Once asked how the team has such good chemistry, the reply was similar “the team puts in equal amounts of effort, from the seniors all the way to the freshmen. We try to take it game by game.”

This same mindset is what they hope is going to bring them their next win against Danbury High School on Wednesday.

Update: The Senators improved to 2-2-1 with a 2-1 victory over Danbury in that Wednesday game.

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