Rick Osvick, FCIAC Hall of Fame, 2017

Without a doubt, sports are in Rick Osvick’s blood. Growing up he played a variety of different sports, and throughout his career he has coached basketball, football, baseball, track, tennis, golf, soccer, and swimming.

Through his dedication to sports and strict work ethic — for example, he attended practices at New York University to hone his basketball coaching skills — Osvick led his teams to great success.

His first ever basketball team at Greenwich High in 1966, and where he would have a 33-year tenure as a coach for different teams, made it to the State semifinals.

However, it is in golf where he has had the most success.

In his 25 years as head golf coach at Greenwich, Osvick had a career record of 324 wins, 97 ties, and a mere five losses. He led his teams to nine straight division titles from 1980-1988 and won 5 division crowns from 1970-1974. Because of this phenomenal success, Osvick was awarded and named the National Federation Golf Coach of the Year in 1995 — the highest honor a high school coach can receive.

Osvick also served as President of the FCIAC.

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