Mike King, FCIAC Hall of Fame, 2017

A former president of the FCIAC and the athletic director at Trumbull High School, Mike King clearly has a love of sports.

Since 1993, he has been involved in coaching basketball and soccer, which he began in 1997.  At Westhill High, King served as the head girls’ soccer coach for two years, and was the head girls’ basketball coach starting in 1998.

Under his leadership, the Westhill girls’ basketball program amassed a record of 191-148 losses, and had a four-year streak of appearing in the FCIAC finals from 2005-2008.

Outside of his high school coaching responsibilities, King has participated in a variety of summer camps related to basketball and sports. He has also been a dedicated member of the FCIAC, serving on the Executive Board, the Board of Directors, and as chairperson for girls’ basketball.

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