2021-22 All-FCIAC Girls Indoor Track and Field

All-FCIAC Individual and Relay photos are available as digital images or as 8×10 glossy prints.

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First Team

Alanna Smith, Danbury, 55 dash, 300

Kaitlyn Fay, Greenwich, 55 dash

Audrey Kpodar, Danbury, 55 hurdles

Alyssa Andrews, Trumbull, 55 hurdles

Francine Stevens, Staples, 300, 4×200 Relay

Esme Daplyn, Greenwich, 600, SMR, 4×800 Relay

Kate Demark, Darien, 600, 4×400 Relay

Emily Mrakovcic, Wilton, 1,000

Kali Holden, Trumbull, 1,000, 1,600, 3,200

Anna Keeley, Ludlowe, 1,600, 3,200

Molly Liles, Staples, 4×200 Relay

Talia Moskowitz, Staples, 4×200 Relay

Samantha Dewitt, Staples, 4×200 Relay

Sofia Aguilar, McMahon, 4×200 Relay

Shaniya Young, McMahon, 4×200 Relay

Emily Legere, McMahon, 4×200 Relay

Jade Ferdinand, McMahon, 4×200 Relay

Julia Blake, Darien, 4×400 Relay

Camilla Lash, Darien, 4×400 Relay

Alexis Lyons, Darien, 4×400 Relay

Haley Townsend, Greenwich, 4×400 Relay, SMR

An Suzuki, Greenwich, 4×400 Relay

Elle Sykes, Greenwich, 4×400 Relay

Elizabeth Anderson, Greenwich, 4×400 Relay, 4×800 Relay

Kayla Egan, Greenwich, SMR

Olivia Eslava, Greenwich, SMR

Mia Gurevich, Ludlowe, SMR

Kayla Pattison, Ludlowe, SMR

Haley Martinsen, Ludlowe, SMR

Grace Moriarty, Ludlowe, SMR

Cate Adorney, Greenwich, 4×800 Relay

Anna Weiksner, Greenwich, 4×800 Relay

Riley Shipman, New Canaan, 4×800 Relay

Charlotte Moor, New Canaan, 4×800 Relay

Elizabeth McLaughlin, New Canaan, 4×800 Relay

Lauren Doherty, New Canaan, 4×800 Relay

Tia Stapleton, Ludlowe, High Jump, Long Jump

Meg Barnouw, Warde, High Jump

Giuliana Robles, Danbury, Long Jump

Jessica Amaral, Warde, Pole Vault

Isabelle Blend, Staples, Pole Vault

Brooke Rubush, Trumbull, Shot Put

Cheyla Williams, Ridgefield, Shot Put

Second Team

Florence Dickson, Danbury, 55 dash, 4×200 Relay

Samantha Mutti, McMahon, 55 hurdles

Anna LaBant, Wilton, 55 hurdles

Grace Hooker, Ridgefield, 600

Katherine Rector, Ridgefield, 1,000

Mairead Clas, Darien, 1,600

Julianne Teitler, Darien, 1,600, 3,200

Kathryn Marchand, Trumbull, 3,200

Kaitlyn Fay, Greenwich, 4×200 Relay

Briana Gilliard, Danbury, 4×200 Relay

Olivia Robles, Danbury, 4×200 Relay

Tatum Havemann, Staples, 4×400 Relay

Emma Nordberg, Staples, 4×400 Relay, SMR

Reilly McCaffrey, Staples, 4×400 Relay, SMR

Cate Adams, Wilton, 4×400 Relay, SMR

Addison Patillo, Wilton, 4×400 Relay, SMR

Isabella DeStefano, Wilton, 4×4 Relay, SMR

Leigh Foran, Staples, SMR

Claire Fuchs, Ludlowe, 4×800 Relay

Margaret Zaino, Ludlowe, 4×800 Relay

Jordan Stein, Ludlowe, 4×800 Relay

Emily Nolan, Ludlowe, 4×800 Relay

Lyah Muktavaram, Staples, 4×800 Relay

Anastasia Thumser, Staples, 4×800 Relay

Emma Morris, Staples, 4×800 Relay

Josie Dolan, Staples, 4×800 Relay

Tabitha Cook, Greenwich, High Jump

Kailey Wackerman, Ludlowe, High Jump

Kimberleigh Williams, Danbury, Long Jump

Christtal Cledera, Danbury, Long Jump

Kiera Henry, McMahon, Pole Vault

Vivien Latt, Wilton, Pole Vault

Carli Ciavarelli, Ridgefield, Shot Put

Katherine Janis, Greenwich, Shot Put

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