2021-22 All-FCIAC Boys Indoor Track and Field

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First Team

Kyle Thomas, Danbury, 55 dash

Maximo Rivano, Warde, 55 dash

Zachary Carifa, Greenwich, 55 hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump

Evan Dadson, Trumbull, 55 hurdles

Gianluca Bianchi, Greenwich, 300, 4×200 Relay, 4×400 Relay

Joseph Rosw-Provey, Ludlowe, 300

Bruno Guiduli, Staples, 600, 4x4oo Relay

Christopher Twombly, Danbury, 600

Jalen St. Fort, Staples, 1,000, 4×400 Relay, SMR

Tyler Bartlett, Ludlowe, 1,000

Benjamin Lorenz, Staples, 1,600, 3,200

Zachary Taubman, Staples, 1,600, 3,200

Caleb You, Greenwich, 4×200 Relay

John Sias, Greenwich, 4×200 Relay, SMR

Harrison Goldenberg, Greenwich, 4×200 Relay, 4×400 Relay

Henry Wilkins, Norwalk, 4×200 Relay

Sean Williams, Norwalk, 4×200 Relay

Jackson Luther, Norwalk, 4×200 Relay

Jamar Alcena, Norwalk, 4×200 Relay

Antonio Ciccarelli, Greenwich, 4×400 Relay

Zachary Jelinek, Greenwich, 4×400 Relay, SMR

Samir Mott, Staples, 4×400 Relay

Rijul Nair, Staples, 4×400 Relay

David Sedrak, Staples, SMR

Charles Fitzpatrick, Staples, SMR

Rory Tarsi, Staples, SMR

Thomas Foster, Greenwich, SMR

Aidan Fay, Greenwich, SMR

Alex Harrington, Staples, 4×800 Relay

William Fitch, Staples, 4×800 Relay

Noah Robison, Staples, 4×800 Relay

Matthew Fleming, Staples, 4×800 Relay

Elias Alvarado, Danbury, 4×800 Relay

Steven Confesor-Chable, Danbury, 4×800 Relay

Ryan Scappaticci, Danbury, 4×800 Relay

Devon Rosemark, Danbury, 4×800 Relay

Ryan Johnson, Wilton, Long Jump

Duke Quermorllue, Norwalk, High Jump

Steven Ditelberg, Ludlowe, Pole Vault

Lucas Williams, Ridgefield, Pole Vault

Marques Singleton, McMahon, Shot Put

Ryan Bona, McMahon, Shot Put

Second Team

Maxwell Warren, St. Joseph, 55 dash

Christian Jolly, Danbury, 55 hurdles

Cole Silvia, Wilton, 55 hurdles

Ethan Walls, Ridgefield, 300

Ryan Notley, McMahon, 600

Benjamin Mickool, Ridgefield, 1,000

Mohammed Abunar, Trumbull, 1,600

Nick Yoo, Darien, 1,600

Nathan Cramer, Ludlowe, 3,200

Elliot Miller, Trumbull, 4×200 Relay, 4×400 Relay, High Jump

Jack DiGiovanni, Trumbull, 4×200 Relay

Liam O’Keefe, Trumbull, 4×200 Relay, 4×400 Relay

Freud-Williams Maignan, Trumbull, 4×200 Relay, 4×400 Relay

William Masters, Staples, 4×200 Relay

Joshua Roos, Danbury, 4×400 Relay, SMR

Matthew Wich, Trumbull, 4×400 Relay

Kyan Cazorla, Danbury, 4×400 Relay

Christian Jolly, Danbury, 4×400 Relay

Cooper Anderson, Ludlowe, SMR

James Revay, Ludlowe, SMR

Sam Keller, Ludlowe, SMR

Victor Costa, Danbury, SMR

Scott Gersten, Danbury, SMR

Quinn Collins, Greenwich, 4×800 Relay

Wyatt Abernethy, Greenwich, 4×800 Relay

Ben Martin, Warde, 4×800 Relay

Samuel Garskof, Warde, 4×800 Relay

Joseph Callanan, Warde, 4×800 Relay

Parker Broderick, Warde, 4×800 Relay

Roberto DaCosta, St. Joseph, Long Jump

Miles Bradley, Ludlowe, Long Jump

Jaden Marti, Trumbull, High Jump

Ben Welte, McMahon, Pole Vault

Teddy Peters, Darien, Pole Vault

John Heitzman, Warde, Shot Put

Paul Sussman, Warde, Shot Put

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